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We’re back—a fresh issue hits the stands Inside N&E

Welcome to the July issue of News & Events. After a four-week break, we’re happy to be able to place another issue in the newstands.
It’s kind of the beginning of a new era—RIT’s ninth president, Bill Destler, has officially started his duties, and we’ve showcased a few photos on page one from his first days on the job. Personally, I’m excited to work with him, and I’m looking forward to hearing his feedback on News & Events. (Only if it’s positive feedback, of course).

Tomorrow’s issue has much of what we’re all about—a good balance of hard news including million-dollar grants, publishing projects and government partnerships that will hopefully benefit all of us, as well as a few softer stories such as a group of RIT students volunteering in the community. And, as usual, it’s been requested that we run one or two phories (a stand-alone photo with an accompanying caption) that only a handful of people are interested in. Unfortunately, not much has changed in this regard so far this summer.

Our next issue publishes Aug. 23, and then we’ll be back on our regular twice monthly cycle.

Enjoy the summer and happy reading!


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