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A late-summer blog roundup Blogging

It seems a few more blogs than usual have referenced RIT in the past couple weeks—including some that deal with potentially contentious issues (such as hazing and an alleged slur by a state senator against an RIT professor).

In bringing these to your attention here, my intent isn’t to pass judgment on anyone (or anything, in the case of a new student-targeted Web site, “The Loop”). Rather, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions (and join the conversations, either here or there, if you wish).

From the Free New York Blog (which touts itself as “Freeing New York and America from big government, political machines and special interests”) about a state senator’s alleged slur of an RIT professor (it should be noted that the senator has since offered an apology):
Another Volkerism

On the same topic . . . From Buffalopundit at wnymedia.net:
Senator Dale “Barbrady” Volker

From the Center for Innovation in College Media (offering “a group discussion about the future of student media”) about Gannett’s student-targeted Web site, “The Loop”:
It had to happen: two more sites aimed at college crowd

From Hazing Blog: Hazing News & Views by Hank Nuwer:
Viewpoint article on Maine and RIT athletic hazing responses

And, on the brighter side (that is, not about alleged slurs, big-media trying to rule the world, or hazing), there also were these:

From Phatlee, see a cool movie by an RIT film student:
Process Enacted

From Oatmeal Stout, RIT alum Justin Thorp’s “Web 2.0 blog”:
Help geeks find God by supporting Kim Diebolt at RIT

Have a great weekend!

Late Friday update:

From Finding JTAG on the iPhone: Full Hardware Unlock of iPhone Done

George Hotz is an incoming RIT student. In the words of RIT President Bill Destler, “The talent of our incoming students never ceases to amaze us.”

A couple more:

From Firehouse.com’s “Off Duty Forums”: NJ teen unlocks iPhone from AT&T network

From Smart Mobile Gadgets Blog: Apple iPhone unlocked for USA now!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Aug 24

    Hey Mike! Thanks for the link to my blog post about Kim Diebolt. She has and continues to do great things on the RIT Campus. I love the idea of using blogs and the Web as a way of drumming up support for her and Campus Crusade for Christ.

  2. Justin Thorp
    Aug 25

    Mike, George Hotz only did the Hardware unlock? Was he a part of this effort as well?

  3. Mike Saffran
    Aug 25

    Hey, Justin . . . No, to the best of my knowledge, George Hotz did it all—and because he posted the step-by-step unlocking procedure on his blog, my guess is the iPhoneSIMfree.com folks copied his method. George got all the press yesterday—and it would be simply too much of a coincidence if both he and iPhoneSIMfree.com accomplished the task on the same day. It's just me, but I'd believe the 17-year-old kid with nothing to hide did it before the 'team of experts' that "wouldn't tell us when and how they would release it to the public."

  4. John Follaco
    Aug 28

    Certainly a lot of interesting stuff happening here the past few weeks. I'd like to commend Dr. Abi Aghayere for how he handled the Buffalo incident. Aghayere demonstrated true class. He made himself available to the media, accepted the senator's apology and attempted to refocus attention to where it belongs—on the safety of bridges around the country.

  5. Anonymous
    Aug 30

    I can't believe that all RIT has had to say about George Hotz has been a vague reference for the purpose of shameless self-promotion. This blog is the only RIT-affiliated site that seems to have MENTIONED something that the whole world is looking at. Please correct me if I'm wrong. RIT gets no credit for getting lucky and receiving this student, and the university doesn't have the guts to even form any kind of response or acknowledgment that anything has happened. As an alum, I was sort of proud to hear that such a smart guy on the edge of technological development/hackery will be going to the same school I did. And, not surprisingly, the most breaking university news item is about some RITers that competed in a Microsoft talent search. Whatever's safe and looks good.

  6. Point: Was our
    Aug 31

    [...] Aug31  Mike Point: Was our coverage too ‘Hotz,’ too cold or just right?In a comment on a different post, a reader criticized our coverage of RIT student George Hotz,who’s credited with “cracking open” the iPhone. The reader (let’s call her/him “Annie”) thinks we could’ve done much more. But I say our coverage was just right. [...]

  7. B
    Feb 26

    George Hotz is pretty much like a super hero to me and probably many others. Now I live very close to Rochester and have visited R.I.T several times while looking for a future college and never even knew he went there. How is this?

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