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Hey, parents, what do you think? Miscellaneous

Greetings from vacationland! I haven’t ventured far—just enjoying a week at home before the carousel of activity begins spinning in advance of another school year. You know how it is—snag that time away when you can get it.

I really want to use this post to appeal to the parents of well over 3,200 first-year RIT students who will be arriving on campus in a little more than two weeks. I know this is an exciting, hectic and nerve-racking time for all of you, but I truly hope you share a sense of pride in becoming members of the RIT family. We look forward to welcoming you here, and I think you’ll be fairly impressed with the welcome you receive.

On Sunday, Aug. 26, the university will introduce you to a variety of campus services during the New Student Orientation Resource Fair, which takes place inside the Gordon Field House and Activities Center. Among the participating campus organizations—University News. Please look for me and other members of the University News staff. We’ll be handing out mouse pads and explaining the work we do on behalf of RIT.

I suspect that during your own research, you’ve already become familiar with us. University News is the primary storyteller of all things RIT. Heck, the fact that you’ve located The Tiger Beat Blog means you’ve already dug pretty deep into our Web content, so you have a good sense of the volume of reporting we do.

University News is motivated to serve a wide range of audiences, and RIT parents represent a large part of that. It’s the reason we upgraded our Web site last year to make it livelier and more user friendly. It’s where you will find all of our news releases, stories from our twice-monthly newsletter News & Events, articles that appear in The University Magazine, RIT’s alumni publication (which, actually, you’ll start receiving soon), and photos that feature various campus activities. We also produce regular podcasts that you can access from our Web site. And for the story behind the story at University News, keep tabs on The Tiger Beat Blog, where you can also communicate with us directly. Maybe we can’t tell you exactly what your son or daughter is up to, but we can sure keep you posted on what’s happening around them.

Again, please stop by and see us at the resource fair, and let us know how we’re doing so far. Just so you know, we’re not too proud to steal good ideas. And make sure you take a mouse pad.


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