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Journey across America—Part VII Guest blogger

Guest blogger Breanna Dobbe relays more of her reflections as she continues her charity ride across the country as part of Bike and Build:

We just crossed over the Utah-Arizona border into Kanab, Utah, and it is really pretty and the ride was excellent. We spent two days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and it was absolutely beautiful. One of the nights we watched some lightning storms in the distant…amazing. We actually saw some of the lightning start fires. I have never seen or experienced lightning storms so strong and so intense. During the next couple of days we will be camping out, and probably hitting significant hills as we continue our journey westward.

  1. Angelina
    Aug 07

    keep on trucking you—will make it and you will feel really good inside :)

    I know I did when I did the tour de cure and that was only 40 miles, that is nothing when compared to the greater good you are doing now!!! Keep it up!!!

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