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Thanks from the fifth worst-dressed woman in America Guest blogger

Last Tuesday morning, I was invited to go on 13 WHAM News to talk about People magazine’s “From Worst to Best Dressed” contest. I had never been on television, so it was exciting to have been asked.

I got to the station and met some of the people who worked there. They seemed very nice and made me feel comfortable. I wasn’t really nervous until they brought me into the studio to set me up for the segment about the contest, right before they came back from commercial break. There were only a handful of people in the studio, but some nerves kicked in, as they always do for me at the beginning of any public speaking opportunity (and especially when handed a microphone).

Once I met Evan Dawson, 13 WHAM news anchor, I felt better. He cracked a couple of jokes about the contest and my wardrobe. I was wearing a free, black, College of Business T-shirt, old jeans and Adidas indoor soccer shoes. He talked about my shoes and how they haven’t been in style since before he was in college. This humorous, lighthearted atmosphere immediately put me at ease, and it rubbed off on me because I ended up making fun of my wardrobe and myself on air. I knew everything was all in good fun and found the whole experience very enjoyable. Even though we hadn’t prepped much before going on air—which made me the most nervous—by the end of the first segment, and definitely at the end of the second segment, I felt comfortable and pleased to have been on air. The opportunity was something that helped generate publicity about the contest and helped expose me to being on television.

If you haven’t already heard, though, I was eliminated last Friday in the sixth round of the contest. It was a close race amongst the remaining five contestants. I was in last place in the last couple of minutes of the contest, where I and another contestant were competing vote for vote. I tried not to look at my votes or other contestants’ votes in the last hour of the competition, but in the end I noticed I was so close to winning. I was up two votes with two minutes left. The round ended and somehow I was behind by 30 votes. I’m not sure how I dropped behind 30 votes in literally one minute, but I know that everyone who helped support me through the competition tried their hardest. I would like to thank everyone who helped me get through six rounds of intense voting and to let you know that on Friday I received the most votes I have gotten throughout the competition. I ended up with 2,332 votes! Thank you so much for voting!

Thanks, from the fifth worst-dressed woman in America, Juanita.

  1. Paul Stella
    Aug 06

    Congratulations, Juanita. Even though you didn't win the contest, I'm sure you'll take away a great deal from the experience. And for the record, I put in my share of votes. :)

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