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Too ‘Hotz’ to handle Inside N&E

Okay, I’ll join the growing list of folks who have decided to blog about George Hotz this week.
For those of you who aren’t aware of who I’m talking about, George Hotz is famous, or infamous, for unlocking the Apple iPhone.

Apparently, this iPhone thing is a big deal. In fact, one of my colleagues likened Hotz’s arrival to the “second coming of Christ.” Hmmm…now, that’s pretty impressive. Amid some debate in our office, it was decided that a short story will appear in the Sept. 6 issue of News & Events.

Although I don’t deny that Hotz is technologically talented, so are many of our students. And I don’t believe that his mere presence on campus is enough to warrant a story and photo in this week’s issue. Instead, I would have preferred to wait a few months to see what kinds of amazing things this kid would have done while at RIT.

Hotz’s life has been a whirlwind lately. In between moving in and attending orientation events, he has been conducting media interviews and consulting for high-profile businesses. Let’s hope that he keeps it all in perspective and does some great things at RIT.

  1. Ralph Whitbeck
    Sep 06

    I changed my tire and oil last week...I'll let you know when I come onto campus again so you can get the story ready.

    I'll be interested in how you work 'Whitbeck' into the title. ;)

    Sorry, a simple acknowledgment of the story and how he relates to RIT was probably good enough. Now the poor kid might have a poor experience at RIT due to all the attention.

    I think I first heard he was an RIT student in the D&C before I heard it on this blog. I think that was the right channel for gloating about him coming to the region.

    Just my two cents...how you doing Vienna?

  2. Ralph Whitbeck
    Sep 06

    Hey what's the deal with not letting us put in line breaks in our comments? Is that how you writers think you are better then us cause you are allowed to use the Enter key and we are not? I bet George Hotz can use line breaks on an iPhone! ;)

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