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Dubai, here we come! Dateline: RIT, Podcasts

This week’s special edition of Dateline: RIT – The Podcast features RIT President Bill Destler and Mustafa Abushagur, professor and director of microsystems engineering, describing RIT Dubai—RIT’s newest branch campus, slated to open in fall 2008.

News about RIT’s third international campus—joining those in Croatia and Kosovo—came last week. This week’s podcast features remarks by President Destler and Dr. Abushagur (who’s credited with ‘engineering’ the partnership) made at the Dec. 5 news conferences announcing the venture, which has been dubbed Dubai Silicon Oasis.

In addition, Vienna Carvalho summarizes News & Events coverage of the story—arguably one of the biggest ever for RIT. The Dec. 13 episode is the final regular Dateline: RIT podcast for 2007.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Dec 15

    Hey Mike! Sounds like you guys are having fun over at Univ. News.

    I was just curious about Dateline RIT. How do you see people using it? I typically listen to podcasts while commuting somewhere on the subway or walking somewhere in the city.

    I typically opt for the 20 min to an hour long shows because that's how long my commute can be. I want something that is going to somewhat passively entertain me the entire time. I've found myself skipping Dateline RIT and letting them pile up because they don't fit into my rhythm because they're so short.

    Why make them so short? If you want them short, why not do video? Because of YouTube, the one to five minute video style seems to have really taken off.

    I dunno... just a thought.

    Mike, when and where do you listen to audio vs. video podcasts?

  2. Mike Saffran
    Dec 17

    Excellent questions all, Justin. In terms of podcast runtime, the early “conventional wisdom” was they should run no longer than 15 minutes. That said, everyone has their own personal preferences, of course. While one listener told me she prefers the length of RIT NEWSMINUTE (60 seconds, as its name implies) over the five-minute-long “radio newscast” style of Dateline: RIT, others favor long-form programming. So, for you (and others like you), this fall we introduced Studio 86—a 15-minute interview show with RIT newsmakers. So, there’s now something for everyone. As for video vs. audio, I’m biased in favor or audio for a few basic reasons: upfront and episode production costs are significantly lower for audio podcasts; audio podcasts are much easier and faster to produce; and, perhaps most importantly, audio podcasts are more convenient for listeners due to smaller file sizes, faster downloads and background listening potential (as opposed to video, which often requires the audience’s undivided attention). Lastly, you asked about my listening habits. Typically, I listen to podcasts on my computer at my desk.

  3. Frank Pekarski
    Jan 16


    I was looking for information on the Tiger Idol contest which usually takes place around this time of the year, but I haven't been able to find any information anywhere. Do you know if the Tiger Idol competition is even being held this year? I hope that it is, because it was always fun to watch!


  4. John Follaco
    Jan 18

    Frank, Student Government President Ed Wolf informs me that Tiger Idol will be held March 29th this year. Stay tuned for more details.

  5. Robert Chandler
    Jan 09

    I thought that the planners pretty much buried Tiger Idol last year, with a finals competition that was held on a Sunday night, if my memory is right. I have never understood why this event and the auditions leading up to it has not been promoted with much more fanfare and gusto. I must be in a very small minority who truly enjoy seeing our students showing off their amazing performing talents.

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