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‘Adonis the Gladiator’ graces the pages of News & Events Inside N&E

Talk about a case of the flip-flops. A few days ago, John Follaco, one of our great staff writers, mentioned that a recent RIT alum had competed on NBC’s newest show, American Gladiators. And, not only did Adonis Lockett make an appearance on the show, he actually won the night’s competition. John and I agreed that it would be fabulous if we could run a photo of Adonis in the Jan. 17 News & Events.

I finished the layout—except for a gaping hole on page two reserved for Adonis. After all, it was merely a matter of getting in touch with NBC and requesting that a photo of Adonis in competition be sent to us via e-mail as quickly as possible. How difficult could that be, right?

On Tuesday, the day the issue heads to the printer, John informed me that he hadn’t gotten a response from NBC, and that I should fill the hole with something else. I replaced it with a photo of a piece from a Bevier Gallery show, and the issue was sent off to the printer. Another issue down….

But, Adonis reemerged at the eleventh hour. Late Tuesday afternoon, John received two images of Adonis battling a gladiator, and asked to get it back into the issue. As much as it pains me to make last-minute substitutions, I believed this one was worth the effort. I’m a fan of the show (Wolf rocks!), and it’s a great photo. Fortunately, the folks at Microera Printers were able to accommodate the late change.

So, check out page 2—and cheer on RIT’s own American gladiator, Adonis Lockett.


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