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Digsby Logo 2He’s small, round and lovable. His name is Digsby and he may be the best thing that’s happened to e-mail and social networking since Firefox and Facebook.

The free, downloadable program allows users to link their various e-mail accounts, social networking sites and instant messenger clients, creating easy management of all programs through a single desktop widget that resembles an AIM buddy list. Receiving e-mail and social networking notifications through Digsby not only saves time by eliminating the need to constantly sign in to check updates, but it also eliminates the clutter caused by countless open windows.

Along with a team of fellow RIT alumni, co-op and graduate students, Steve Shapiro ’04 has taken Digsby from a concept he began developing in his entrepreneurship class, while an MBA student, to a fully functional product. His company, DotSyntax LLC is currently based at Venture Creations, RIT’s high-tech incubator, which assists students, faculty and staff with the growth and success of new enterprises.

Though Digsby is still in private beta mode, it’s receiving significant buzz and strong reviews throughout the industry on technology blogs and review sites like CNET.com. For more details and a free download of the program, check out Digsby at www.digsby.com. When asked to enter an invite code, type in ‘RIT.’


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