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Alum recalls playing football under Coughlin Dateline: RIT, News hits, Podcasts

One of the coolest RIT stories in recent memory has little to do with the RIT that we know and love today. Rather, it’s about the RIT of more than three decades ago, when the nascent campus in Henrietta had fewer people, fewer buildings, fewer of almost everything—except it had more pigskin.

As you may know, RIT once fielded a football team—led for four seasons by head coach Tom Coughlin (below, second from right, with his RIT coaching staff), the same coach who now guides the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants.Coughlin RIT staff

When the Coughlin-led Giants reached the Super Bowl, media inquiries about his early coaching days at RIT led to interviews with former players—including RIT alumnus Mark McCabe—and to an RIT Football Team Reunion of more than 40 ex-Tigers players and coaches on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, in Henrietta.

Here’s some of the coverage:

Former RIT coach leads Super Bowl champions
Former players say Coughlin never forgot roots
Coach Coughlin touched by RIT team
Coughlin will make you believe

On this week’s Dateline: RIT – The Podcast, McCabe, who was a Tigers linebacker, defensive end and co-captain, tells what it was like playing under Coughlin, who began his head-coaching career here in 1970. Coughlin has a reputation for a strong disciplinary style of coaching. But McCabe recalls a coach who worked his players hard but who was also caring, emphasized teamwork and had concern for his players’ off-the-field success.

“From RIT to the Super Bowl. If you ever thought anyone deserved it and had earned it, it was definitely him,” McCabe says.

Hear more from McCabe, along with campus news and News & Events highlights, on Dateline: RIT – The Podcast.

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  1. Will Dube
    Feb 15

    This type of story is incredibly interesting not only because of the conection of a now famous person to RIT but also because of the tremendous influence the university obviously had on Coughlin and his players.

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