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Dube hits a ‘round-tripper’ Dateline: RIT, News hits, Podcasts, PR tips, Research

For some stories, receiving coverage in the local newspaper is considered pretty good. Toss in additional coverage by one of the local TV stations and it’s regarded as especially good.

Well, recently my colleague Will Dube hit a homerun with local coverage of a multidisciplinary engineering senior-design project known as “the smoking machine.” The device, created in conjunction with American Cancer Society-funded research led by RIT’s Risa Robinson, simulates effects on the human body from cigarette smoking. Last week’s demonstration of “the smoking machine” was covered by the Democrat and Chronicle and local TV stations 8, 9, 10, 13 and 31.

In most instances, a story’s topic drives coverage—and a good story will almost sell itself. (Likewise, reporters are unlikely to cover a “borderline” story despite all the begging and pleading in the world.) But even at a university such as RIT—where there’s an almost endless supply of potentially newsworthy stories—a good story still requires a savvy beat reporter with keen news sense to unearth it and good writing skills to convincingly tell the story.

So kudos to Dr. Robinson and her team—including 10 students—for their great work, and to Will for knocking one out of the park in terms of local coverage. Knowing Will as I do, though, I’m sure his sights are now set on a big-league ballpark, such as The New York Times (particularly as more study findings are revealed in the weeks ahead).

To hear more about the research and “the smoking machine,” along with other campus news—including information about this spring’s Imagine RIT Innovation and Creativity Festival and just-announced details about Park Point at RIT—and News & Events highlights, listen to this week’s Dateline: RIT – The Podcast.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Will Dube
    Mar 03

    Thanks for the praise Mike. It is always nice to get good coverage and given the uniqueness and ultimate positive impact of the smoking machine I was especially pleased at the news the research received.

    And yes, with any luck a New York Times story or Nightline feature will be imminent!

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