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My mom, sister and niece are RIT grads. I had lived in the Rochester area for more than 20 years before I was lucky enough to get a job at RIT. Still, I was unprepared for what I found on campus when I started working here in 1997. I made discoveries every day. THIS IS AN AMAZING PLACE! I told friends and family.

I loved the look of the campus: beautiful landscaping (I started my job at University News in May that year, so everything was flowery), impressive architecture and world-class works of art, all surrounded by woodlands, wetlands and open fields.
More interesting, of course, is what goes on inside the brick walls. Students building race cars, designing computer chips, taking pictures, making vessels of glass and pottery, creating Web sites, learning how to build better imaging techniques and devices. And so forth, on and on.

Arriving last summer, President Destler immediately picked up on RIT’s fascinating blend of right brain and left brain activity; organizing a festival to celebrate all that is wonderful about this incredible place seems like a no-brainer. And so was born Imagine RIT: Innovation + Creativity Festival, coming up on May 3.

Lately, I’ve been working on the printed program for the festival. Looking through the list of more than 400 exhibits and activities, I recalled that sense of amazement and discovery that caught me on my first days on campus.

For the spring issue of RIT: The University Magazine, I interviewed a few alumni, students, and faculty who personify RIT’s right brain-left brain mix. Scientists and engineers who are also accomplished musicians, photographers and artists who have high-level technical skills, technical students who are gifted writers—the RIT community has many such members.

In fact, all of us fall somewhere between the ends of the right brain-left brain scale. Want to find out where your proclivities lie? Google “right brain left brain” and you’ll find many tests; this one from Australia’s Herald Sun is fun.

Anyway: The festival will engage both sides of the brain. Go! You won’t be sorry.

Meanwhile, the spring magazine is out and about and up online. It’s packed with news and features and surprises. I hope you’ll take a look.

There’s no place like RIT. We are so lucky to be here.


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