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Reflections on Imagine RIT Festival Events, PR musings

After 8 months of planning … after countless pieces detail … RIT pulled it off May 3rd at the inaugural Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival.

By all accounts, the festival was a home run. Conservatively, we are estimating we had between 17,000 and 20,000 visitors. We know we hit the target market attendance in terms of our audience because I have never seen so many young children on the RIT campus!! Talk about reaching the next generation of innovators and creators. It was great to see the youngsters interacting with RIT students, faculty and staff.

Meanwhile, we are doing a post-event survey as we already gear up for May 2, 2009.
Please take the survey and win prizes!

One final thought, I would like to share President Bill Destler’s memo that he sent out May 5 to the RIT community:

“Last Saturday’s inaugural Imagine RIT Innovation and Creativity Festival was a success beyond my wildest expectations. I was so proud of both the great turnout for the event and of the quality of creative and innovative work displayed by our faculty, staff, and students.

Such an event does not happen without the dedicated work of countless individuals including the planners, the exhibitors and performers, the facilities maintenance people who prepared for the event, our dining services staff, and the hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly during the event to make our thousands of guests feel welcome.

Saturday was indeed a great day for RIT. Thanks to all of you for your extraordinary contributions to a truly memorable event. And an extra special thanks to the Imagine RIT Steering Committee for the countless extra hours of meetings and planning for this inaugural event. Their attention to detail and dedication formed the legwork needed to insure that this event would be a success. Next year will be even better!”

  1. Paul Stella
    May 05

    Frankly it's kind of hard to believe it's over, but it sure was worth the effort. Like so many other people I've talk to on campus today, it really felt special to be a part of the first-ever Imagine RIT. I'm not sure we can fully appreciate the impact the event will have in moving this university into a new orbit. People are really beginning to notice the unique environment that we enjoy here. If there's a special memory from Imagine RIT you'd like to share, please do it here. And maybe you have some photos you would like to showcase. We can post them for you on the Imagine RIT Web site. Send them along to imagine@huthphoto.com.

  2. John Follaco
    May 06

    WOW! I think the festival exceeded all of our expectations. I agree, Paul, it was certainly special to be a part of the team that put this whole thing together. It was very rewarding to see how much everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the kids!

  3. sue
    May 06

    As I walked around photographing, I could feel the campus "charged up". I saw faculty and students excited about their work and proud to show it off. And new visitors to RIT really seemed impressed with what they saw and participated in. Imagine RIT opened lots of eyes (including our own) to the many exciting disciplines here.

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