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Time is running out to ‘talk back’ to University News Miscellaneous

Our survey, which I told you about last time, about your RIT news and information preferences will soon close. So, if you haven’t already taken it, hurry up and complete the survey by this Sunday, June 1.

As a visitor to this blog, your input is valuable. It’ll be used to help us determine news content, format, length and frequency. So please share your opinions about News & Events, the University News Web site, the Dateline: RIT “e-newsletter,” RIT news podcasts and The Tiger Beat Blog.

Click here to take survey:
Share Your Opinions About RIT News

Or, visit http://clipboard.rit.edu and enter Survey Identification Number: 5de6aj

Remember, you have only until this Sunday to take the survey.

On a personal note, the past seven days have seemed kind of like a whirlwind. I hope to share more soon about last week’s commencement ceremony and this week’s classic car show at RIT—two very enjoyable events in which I had the pleasure of participating. But, for now, have a great weekend!

  1. Ralph Whitbeck
    May 30

    The survey doesn't take the alumni into consideration much. Also it doesn't consider people who just subscribe to the blog through RSS Feed Readers. Just an FYI. I wanted to let you know cause it might seem like my survey answers seem like I have to interest in RIT News yet I only consume it via RSS feeds.


  2. Mike Saffran
    Jun 02

    Good points, both, Ralph. If it were totally up to me, we would’ve better targeted alumni with an e-mail invitation to take the survey sent directly to them (and, of course, the inclusion of an “alumna/us” check-box option at #28). However, for reasons related primarily the future of News & Events, it was decided to focus mainly on an internal audience (while not excluding others who happened upon the survey link on the blog or through the Dateline: RIT e-newsletter). With the survey now closed, I can share with you that News & Events’ future, whether it’s online, print or a combination of both, was the driving force behind the perceived need for the survey—and those with ready access to the publication are the ones who will tell us the direction they feel we should go. Had we targeted RIT’s 100,000 alumni, it’s a safe bet that an overwhelming majority would’ve responded by saying they don’t read News & Events (with lack of access to the print edition as a driving force). But, would that mean we should consider stopping the presses, despite the 20,000 who do see N&E on a regular basis (albeit through the “force feeding” of internal mail and campus distribution boxes)? Now, if they’re the ones telling us to stop the presses, then we really may be onto something. Beyond News & Events, I insisted on the inclusion of questions pertaining to RIT news podcasts to ascertain listener preferences (and more opinions from alumni would have been valuable). One finding is already clear: Audience awareness of podcasts remains a challenge.

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