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Now that we’ve entered the brief time of year when there’s less to blog about—I have no new podcasts to tout, for example—and before it becomes ancient history, I wanted to quickly share with you some thoughts about a recent fun experience on campus.

A couple weeks ago, RIT Staff Council hosted its third yearly classic car display as part of its annual Staff Appreciation Day and Community Picnic. During the prior two years of the event, it had occurred to me to enter my ‘classic ride’—a carmine red ’73 MG Midget convertible sports car (which I’ve owned since I was in high school—so it can’t be attributed to a “mid-life crisis” ;-)—into the show.

But for a variety of reasons—including any combination of the weather, a busy schedule or general lethargy toward the annual spring ritual of “de-winterizing” the car—it has sometimes been as late as early July before my MG makes its first appearance on area roads. (When we were both younger, “MG fever” used to strike earlier in the spring, it seems.)

This year, though, due to an odd confluence of forces, my MG was up and running in April! By early May, however, it was still dull and dusty from so much time sitting in my garage—not “show worthy,” I lamented, anticipating missing another one. On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I sent an e-mail to Bob Howie, who organizes the car exhibit, asking if there was still time to register. If so, I wrote, and if I can get my MG shined up, I’d like to bring it to the show. A quick response from Bob welcoming me to the event provided all the incentive I needed to spend Memorial Day polishing up my MG—inside an out—for the May 28 display (see photos below).

In all the years I’ve owned the car, it was the first time ever that I’ve “shown” it. It was a perfect day and, I must say, it was a blast bringing my MG to campus and great fun being part of the exhibit. For a variety of reasons—but mainly because I’m usually in no mood at 8:30 a.m. to move a lot of stuff in order to get my MG out of the garage—it had previously been on campus only a handful of times during my almost nine years with RIT. And, truthfully, it hasn’t been out of my garage since. So, thanks, Bob, for a great event and for giving me the motivation to join the other 50 classic, shiny-chromed beauties on display!

Have a great weekend!

Some members of the University News team with Mike\'s \'73 MG Midget at the 2008 RIT Staff Council Classic Car Display on May 28.

(Top) Some members of the University News team with Mike’s ’73 MG Midget at the 2008 RIT Staff Council Classic Car Display on May 28.

Mike\'s carmine red \'73 MG Midget and Brennan Coon\'s RIT-orange \'69 Dodge Dart at the 2008 RIT Staff Council Classic Car Display on May 28.

(Bottom) Mike’s carmine red ’73 MG Midget and Brennan Coon’s RIT-orange ’68 Dodge Dart at the 2008 RIT Staff Council Classic Car Display on May 28.

  1. Nancy Cook
    Jun 13

    Good to see the ol' MG out of the garage. Hope we can get a ride when we visit in July!

  2. David Cook
    Jun 14

    I don't even recognize that car! Great job shining it up. :)

  3. Brennan Coon
    Jun 24

    That was a great day. We've had three years running of good weather...someone up there must be a hot rodder! :) I've had a blast over the past five years with my Dart. It's such a solid, easy-driving car, and for someone who wasn't around for the car when it was new, it's a great chance to enjoy a lesser-known American icon. The world is full of Chevelles, Camaros, and Mustangs, and it's fun to have something different (no offense to my Bowtie and pony car-driving brethren.) Thanks to Bob for organizing a great day, and Mike for a chance to brag about our cars! Mopar or no car! :)

  4. Jeff Kelson
    Jul 12

    Realy amazing this old MG

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