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The ‘abolishionist’ is corrected Inside N&E

Our July issue of News & Events was produced relatively smoothly, except for a close call involving the abolitionist movement.

Picture this: it’s 5 p.m. on Tuesday and we’ve called Microera Printers to let them know that News & Events is uploaded onto their FTP site. This means that the N&E file is ready for them to download to begin production. Our graphic designer has basically closed up shop until the next morning and is practically out the door.

I’m walking down the hallway of the University News offices, and just happen to glance one more time at the print-out of News & Events in my hands. Suddenly, a word on page two—in a headline, no less— jumps off the page and slaps me in the face.

ABOLISHIONIST—all of a sudden, it just looks wrong. And, what’s worse, three other people saw it and didn’t realize that it was incorrect and Spell Check didn’t catch it, either. I re-read the copy and soon find that not only is the word misspelled, but the headline is also inaccurate. The story is about an abolitionism conference, not about one specific abolitionist. And it’s spelled with an “sh” instead of a “t.”

With lightning speed, I race back down the hallway, inform our designer of the mistake, and ask him to call the printer to stop his download of the file. And, finally, we make our necessary correction—ABOLITIONISM!

Who needs Spell Check, anyway?

  1. John Follaco
    Jul 24

    Vienna, who knew you had lightning speed? lol

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