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Our special Brick City double issue Miscellaneous

There’s a lot to be excited about when the Oct. 17 issue of News & Events hits the stands. For example, this issue is twice the size of our usual issue. It’s packed with eight pages of news, events and some great photographs. Pay particular attention to the inside spread—pages 4-5—which features a photo collage of events from RIT’s Brick City Homecoming, held Oct. 8-12.

In addition, we are running not one, but two, Viewpoints submissions. The first is a great piece written by our friend Suzi Murad, who really personalizes planned giving. Through her writing, she makes the notion of creating a scholarship in honor of her grandmother so inviting. Our second essay was written by Hamad Ghazle, a Viewpoints veteran. Hamad is just so grateful for the education that he has received that he wants to re-create that same experience for RIT’s current students, and find ways to make their higher education experience rewarding and successful.

Also in this issue, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of “real estate” to a heaping helping of our popular Newsmakers. Granted, we still have a bunch waiting in the wings, but I think we’ve managed to finally make a dent in the long list.

And, of course, we have the news that the RIT community wants to read about. Enjoy this special double-issue, and thanks for reading News & Events.

Also, don’t forget to offer feedback about our new daily edition of News & Events by sending e-mail to news@rit.edu.


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