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The ‘eyes’ have it Inside N&E

If you see me in the hallway of the University News office just before News & Events is sent to the printer, I am a bundle of nerves. I’m stressed and snappy and just want it all to be so perfect. Although I’ve been editor for almost nine years now, I have to say that this whole editing process hasn’t gotten any easier or less stressful. Fortunately, I don’t feel like I have to bear the editing process alone—there are six “members” of our editorial staff who actually comb through the issue about three times before it heads off to the printer.

I think just about every editing error is caught before the final version is sent to the printer, but that’s not without a little sweat. For example, in this issue: our editorial team saw this headline about three times: “The Caroline Werner Project—Three Years Out.” But it wasn’t until the final read-through that only three out of six realized the word “Gannett” was missing from that headline.

Let me cite another example: all of us read the issue and re-read it (and re-read again) and we all still missed something at the last minute. An ‘s’ was discovered missing in one of our orange call-out boxes. The printer actually made the change at the print shop. But, without the watchful eyes of our staff who knows how many errors would have made it into the pages of News & Events.

So, a special ‘thank you’ to our editorial staff for their diligence and dedication to making News & Events another great product of University News.

  1. Ralph Whitbeck
    Oct 31

    Wow really 9 years? Man where has the time gone?

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