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News & Events and my thoughts on customer service Inside N&E

Earlier this week I received a note in the mail from a reader requesting to be added to our News & Events mailing list. The letter was short and to the point, and I immediately inquired as to how this is accomplished. I didn’t realize that I would be embarking upon a monumental task.

This reader didn’t identify himself in the note as a parent or friend of RIT, and many years ago, there was an external subscription list with folks paying a $12 yearly subscription rate. That list was eventually dissolved because, according to a source, “it was too difficult to maintain.”

Regarding this specific request, I was told that it would not be possible to add him to our mailing list.

Every two weeks, countless copies of News & Events are recycled when we refill our distribution boxes, so it’s not like we don’t have enough to go around. Would it really be that difficult take one out of a box and send it to this dedicated reader who took the time and effort to mail us a request? We regularly mail News & Events to government officials as well as RIT friends in Henrietta. Can’t we just create a miscellaneous category if it’s impossible to add him to our established “friends” list?

This whole thing just seems ludicrous to me. It’s not often that we have someone willingly ask to receive News & Events, and I would like to find a way to accommodate his simple request. I know it’s just one reader, and I shouldn’t be making a big deal out of this. But, that’s just my point—it’s just one reader and we easily go the extra mile on this one.

What does this say about our customer service?

  1. Mike Saffran
    Nov 14

    All very good points, Vienna. My challenge to you is this: Don’t let it end here. You’re the managing editor—so do something about it. I hope to read a news brief in an upcoming issue that announces: “N&E subscriptions now available.”

    Make it happen!

  2. Vienna
    Nov 14

    OK, Mike. I accept your challenge.

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