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RIT grads: Here’s news for youse University Magazine

There’s never enough space in the print edition of RIT: The University Magazine to tell all the good stories we hear about our alumni. We only have 48 pages three times a year: It’s very frustrating!

So why not add some pages and publish more often? Well, that costs a lot of money and, quite frankly, now is not the time to take on additional expense. Maybe we can do it at some time in the future.

Instead, University News has launched a new Alumni Web page with stories about alumni and information of particular interest to our grads. The plan is to add online exclusive content every week. The page also has links to the online edition of RIT: The University Magazine, and links to stories that feature our alumni that we find in other news media. Plus we’ll pull alumni-related content from other University News products (News & Events, news releases, etc.). Hopefully, this page will become a regular stop for RIT alumni.

I should point out that the alumni news page is intended to complement, not compete with, the extensive, excellent online resources provided by RIT’s Office of Alumni Relations. Readers who visit the new page can zip on to the OAR site via the Alumni Contacts and Related Links sections.

Please check out the new page, and if you have any news about grads or ideas, drop me a note.


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