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There’s an addicting quality to it, no question. And even with hundreds of channels available on television, sometimes it’s just more entertaining to hop on the computer and watch YouTube.

If you’re like me, you probably found plenty there to keep entertained during the recent political campaign. God knows programs like Saturday Night Live were having a field day, so its not a surprise when some of the best clip make their way to YouTube. But even some of the home video offerings can be really fun to watch. One of my early favorites was Nora the piano playing cat. I think my sister introduced me to that one.

So, as I take this opportunity to plug the RIT University News YouTube channel, I want to make clear that you’re not going to see me offering up a Joe Biden impression. But what you will see is a mix of RIT-produced video presentations alongside some of the best RIT-related TV news coverage available.

Just in the past month or so, we’ve really been taking advantage of local news coverage to fill out our selection of YouTube clips. It’s a great venue to showcase some of the RIT stories you’ve missed and some of the stories you may want to see again. Our most recent addition is 13WHAM-TV coverage of the popcorn container design contest at the Little Theatre, organized by faculty and students in RIT’s School of Design.

I can’t necessarily promise you laugh-out-loud entertainment, but check in with the RIT University News YouTube channel for the latest RIT-related news coverage and more.

  1. sue
    Nov 12

    I want to see your Joe Biden impression!

  2. Christine
    Nov 17

    Thanks to you, Paul, I'm now a Nora the piano playing cat fan. And an RIT YouTube fan, too, of course!

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