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A great lead story—even for those folks truly clueless about football Inside N&E

While there is never a shortage of great stories coming out of RIT, sometimes it isn’t always clear what the News & Events top story will be.

This was the case for our Dec. 11 issue; I was waiting for a traditional “hard news” lead story to be filed by one of our writers. But, unfortunately, the story didn’t happen.

As an alternative, our department director, Paul Stella, suggested we run an interesting feature related to the Buffalo Bills. (I’m sure the fact that he’s a die-hard Bills fan didn’t have anything at all to do with his suggestion.)

Kelly Downs had submitted a story about an RIT illustration student who is practically leading the crusade to keep the Bills playing in Buffalo. The student has worked tirelessly to design T-shirts, Web sites and logos in her quest, and the submission resulted in a very timely addition to the publication. The story is well-written and funny, not to mention it’s accompanied by a very cute photo.

So, when you pick up this issue, take a look at our unconventional lead story and cheer (even if it’s not aloud), “Go Bills!”

  1. Paul Stella
    Dec 16

    Diehard, yes, but death would be a better fate at this point.

  2. Mike Saffran
    Dec 16

    Now, now...it's only a game. Wouldn't it be easier to just become a Steelers fan, instead? And just be thankful you're not a 49ers fan like Follaco!

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