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RIT alumni amaze me. Every day, we receive news clips, e-mails, calls and notes about our grads and the terrific things they are doing.

For example:

Rodney Heckaman just completed RIT’s demanding Ph. D. program in imaging science – at an age when most people retire.

Amber Stanton Zion ’03 (performing arts), ’04 (graphic design) was featured in a Kay Jewelers’ “Read My Lips” holiday ad. You probably saw it; she portrays a deaf woman whose boyfriend is learning sign language.

Kyle Shank ’07 and Matt Kent ’07 (both software engineering) have launched an Internet business (Pressflip.com) that helps people search for news on any topic.

Melissa Skyer ’06 (M.S., environmental science) and Michael Attebery ’01 (film and video) both recently published books.

Steve Withycombe ’97 (School for American Crafts) was featured in a major Seattle Times story about the Pacific Northwest’s prominent furniture makers.

You can read about these folks and other alumni on the new University News Alumni page.

I think of this new page as an online extension of The University Magazine. We always have more good stories than we can squeeze into the pages of the magazine. Plus, with three issues a year, there can be quite a long wait to see a story show up in print. Publishing online solves both of these problems. We can get more stories to readers faster.

This new Web page of information “For and About Alumni” offers new “online exclusive” material every few days. In addition to the “Alumni Stories” section, there are links to stories about alumni that have appeared in the news media, links to the online version of The University Magazine and links to RIT’s Office of Alumni Relations Web pages.

I’d certainly appreciate it if you passed the link along to alumni you know. And please send news and ideas for this page to me any time.

  1. Angela Kelly
    Jan 07

    Alumni David Wright and fellow artist Ethan (?) traveled 10,000 miles to meet and interview the photographers
    for the new exhibit and web project, pause to begin....

    After the opening at Booksmart in Rochester this past weekend, David left for a month long stay Alebtong, Uganda, where he will spend two months volunteering and photographing for A River Blue, a non-profit arts empowerment project for the children of internally-displaced persons in Northern Uganda. Alumni Shannon Johnstone and Erika Larson also participated in the exhibit. BookSmart is owned and run my Alum, Eric Kunsman. The exhibition runs through january 30, 2009. Eric Kunsman plans to publish a fine art book of the exhibiting artists.

    From Angela Kelly, Associate Professor (SPAS)

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