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Cracking the 300 daily visitors barrier Blogging, News & Events Daily, Podcasts

University News and this blog reached a milestone this week as the number of visitors to the blog surpassed 300 on a single day (totaling 316 on Jan. 19) and, for the first time, tallied more than 250 visitors for three consecutive days (Jan. 19-21)—figures five to six times the previous norm for a typical weekday.

To what do we attribute the blog’s newfound popularity? The answer, in three words (and an ampersand): News & Events Daily.

The Tiger Beat Blog was started in December 2004 by Joanna Bartlett-Gustina. Over the past couple years, it has averaged roughly 50 or so visitors each weekday (fewer on weekends) who each view a couple pages per visit (presumably the blog’s home page and a single post, because we usually have only one new post per weekday). While getting 50 daily visitors isn’t spectacular, neither is it shabby—particularly considering that many are “unique visitors” (which equates to perhaps a couple hundred unique visitors a week).

Moreover—and irrespective of the prior average number of daily and weekly visitors—the blog has filled a niche for University News as a place to share news less formally and to occasionally provide our loyal readers with the “story behind the story” and glimpses “behind the scenes” of RIT University News. Plus, we can set the record straight, when the need arises, in the event the media get something wrong (astonishing, I know! ;-)

The blog’s popularity began rising when News & Events Daily, which includes a section highlighting The Tiger Beat Blog, was launched last fall. Suddenly, 15,000 additional people knew about it.

To our newest readers, welcome! Please feel free to join the conversation by sharing your comments on any blog post. To our longtime readers, thanks for your loyalty—and enjoy all the extra company!

Lastly, a quick note about new podcast episodes:

WITR Men’s Hockey Postgame Rewind
The latest in our newest series of podcasts, this episode originally aired on WITR last Saturday night with Ed Trefzger and Greg Keyzer-André calling the action from Ritter Arena.

Studio 86: EFFORT@RIT
This episode highlights a two-year study of RIT recruitment, retention and promotion of female faculty in so-called ‘STEM’ (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines across RIT.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Paul Stella
    Jan 24

    It really is rewarding, Mike, to see the level of traffic The Tiger Beat Blog is now generating. Hopefully folks find our posts both insightful and personal. Thanks to you for making sure the fresh content keeps coming! :)

  2. Bob Finnerty
    Jan 26


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