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Dorm Challenge: An RIT tradition? Events

RIT traditions: Hockey, Brick City Homecoming, Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival, Orange and Brown….Let’s add Student Government’s “Dorm Challenge” to the list.

This is the sentiment I heard from the students at last night’s debriefing forum on the 3-day event. And the administration agreed it should return next year in some form or another. Sign me up!

I learned so much about the people I work for: the students. After all, the college experience is way more than the classroom. It’s about meeting diverse people from all over the world. RIT is truly international.

Hangin' with the crew: Steeler fan Josh, President Destler and Bob Finnerty hanging out in Ritchies watching the NFL playoffs

Hangin' with the crew: Steeler fan Josh, President Destler and Bob Finnerty hanging out in Ritchies watching the NFL playoffs

So what will be some of the outcomes of the first Dorm Challenge? The administration will be working hard to improve such areas as overcrowding (making the lounges truly lounges again), wireless connection and bus schedules.

As for the food, I thought it was pretty good. My advice: Grab a piece of fruit with you each time when you go back to your room. Many students felt the food was better the past three days only because the administration was in the house. I promise I will come back to Gracie’s for an unannounced visit to taste for myself.

Thanks again to Ozzie and Everett in Sol 7008 for your hospitality. And thanks to Student Government for organizing the event and allowing the administration to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the student experience (even the 5:20 a.m. fire alarm).

I’m ready for next year. Let the tradition begin!

  1. John Follaco
    Jan 21

    Student Government deserves some major kudos for pulling this off. It was the smartest move I've seen SG make since coming to RIT almost three years ago. And it was great to see how much administration embraced the experience.

  2. Dan Christner
    Jan 21

    Sign John Follaco up for next year.

  3. Donna Cullen
    Jan 21

    SG might consider having a lottery such that non-admins (say 20% of the visitors) also get to experience the Dorm Challenge with the added bonus of experiencing the lottery. All the faculty and staff work for the students - it would be a great experience for a wider circle of the RIT community.

  4. Gary Lamont
    Jan 21

    I second that motion that the SG did a great job, Let's re-elect them next year.

  5. Joanna Bartlett
    Jan 25

    I'm so glad you did this. I suggested spending a few days in the dorms myself when I covered Student Affairs, but it never came to fruition. It sounds like it was a good experience overall for everyone and gave you some good insights on the student experience.

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