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Dorm Challenge: Bill and Bob’s Bachelor Pad Dateline: RIT, Events

Football … Pizza … Cold Beverages … Staying up late … Welcome to Bill and Bob’s Bachelor Pad, a.k.a. Room 7088 Sol Heumann Hall at RIT.

Yesterday, for the first time in nearly 25 years (gulp), I checked into a college dorm as part of the Student Government “Dorm Challenge.” Let me introduce you to my roommates:
• Moises “Ozzy” Urratia, a first-year new media design and imaging major from Saugerties, N.Y.
• Everett Carlisle, a first-year film production major from Amarillo, Texas.
Bill Destler, who graduated a few years ago and ascended to the RIT presidency.

Bill and I are among 21 administrators who are part of the Challenge. I went into this adventure with the attitude that this was a strange mix between a business trip and camping (without the campfire and bugs).

So how did we spend our first day in Bill and Bob’s Bachelor Pad (BBBP)? Try adjusting to a 20-foot by 15-foot room with four loft beds. Once we got situated and given the ground rules by our RAs, it was off to Gracies for some chow with a pack of about a dozen hungry young men. It reminded me of my days at Cary Quad, where I learned a major part of the college experience is outside the classroom.

Lot’s of menu choices at Gracies: I go for the Asian stir fry. The food is excellent, although the students swear it’s because the administration is in the House. But I tell my new mates that it’s pretty hard to screw up chicken, rice and vegies.

Later in the night, it’s off to Ritchie’s Game Room, located in the maze-like tunnels in the basements of the dorms. Here, we watch the NFL playoffs, play pool and air hockey, and eat more food. There is never a shortage of pizza on a college campus. I really don’t need another “Freshmen 15!!”

It’s back to BBBP/Room 7088 where Ozzy and Everett work on class projects along with two female companions. Quiet hours start at 11 p.m., and I’m actually amazed how quiet it is in Sol — Maybe because it’s Sunday.

The media turned out in full force to view the Challenge, and even took a tour of BBBP. Here’s some of the news coverage:

Democrat and Chronicle:
R News: http://www.rnews.com/Story_2004.cfm?ID=68630&rnews_story_type=18
Channel 10: http://www.whec.com/article/stories/S750975.shtml?cat=566

So how much sleep did Bill and I get? Stay tuned later today for more from BBBP.

Bags packed for the big move in!

Bags packed for the big move in!

  1. Maureen
    Jan 19

    I used to attend RIT, and I can honestly say my dorm situation was so unbearable, I hardly ever spent time there. It's a different experience in different dormitories, of course. I now attend another area school and live off-campus, but I read about the Dorm Challenge and was intrigued. I like how administrators at RIT continue to be involved in any way possible. Not everyone may agree this is a good or productive endeavor, but I hope students and admins have the opportunity to learn from each other—and have a little fun, to boot! Thanks for being dedicated.

  2. Bob
    Jan 19

    Thanks for the comments. I truly believe one's dorm experience can really depend on the compatibility of the roommate/s. I was very fortunate. I'm still great friends with my freshman roommate -25 years and counting!!

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