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Dorm Life: 101 Events

On Sunday, I get to be 18 again thanks to RIT Student Government (can you bring back my once curly hair?). I’ll be moving into the Residence Halls as part of SG’s “Dorm Challenge.”

The students have challenged the RIT administration to live in the dorms for 3 days and 3 nights. Check in is 2 p.m. Sunday. The idea, of course, is to get a taste of dorm life and cafeteria food. About 20 administrators (suckers), have signed up and will get new roomies on Sunday.

I’m actually looking forward to this event. It gives me an excuse to stay up late, sleep in some, roll out of bed, throw on jeans and a baseball hat and walk over to the office in the morning. On second thought, that will be a long, cold walk on the Quarter Mile from Gracies to University News.

This social experiment by SG actually has me thinking back to my freshmen year at Purdue University. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 25 years when I lived in Cary Quad. I was blessed to have a great roommate in Carl Gerlach from Chicagoland. Carl and I are still close buds today. After our freshmen year, we became members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity where we both made great friends for a lifetime. Back at RIT, I’m excited that Pi Kappa Phi is about to open a chapter here.

The experience in Cary Quad and Pi Kapps should make the SG Challenge easy and fun for me. I’m a vet of tight living quarters, etc. Consider this: Cary Quad had over 2,000 men and I lived with 80 lunatics at Pi Kapps. Ohhh, the stories… Then again, Pi Kapps did burn down before my senior year (no one was hurt), but that’s another story…

So will I survive the SG challenge? Or have I become a soft, aging, pampered suburbanite?

Stay tuned for my next report from the dorms when I introduce my new roomies…

  1. Lydia Palmer
    Jan 16

    Flip flops and a bathroom bucket? Don't think I could go back to that! Good luck!

  2. Dan Christner
    Jan 19

    I should have done this; I never lived in an actual dorm. I always had my own bedroom, a kitchen, refrig, & couches.

  3. Bob
    Jan 19

    Dan: You are from HFL... so you are pampered :-)

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