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The amazing fruit fly—who knew? Inside N&E

I have to admit that some of the science stories that run in News & Events are a little over my head. We try to write stories and present them in such a way that make sense to the “average reader,” but there are occasions when it’s still “Greek” to me.

However, there is just something about the bioinformatics story currently running in News & Events that I think is fascinating. Maybe it’s because I’m particularly interested in the subject matter—fruit flies. I’m usually most interested in keeping them off of my bananas at home. (I have recently won the battle, by the way. A small bowl of white vinegar next to the fruit basket keeps the little buggers away.)

But, did you know that students in the Advanced Applied Genomics class are piecing together bits of fruit fly DNA and making real scientific discoveries in a classroom setting? Did you know that scientists have studied fruit flies since the early 1900s to learn about human biology? Did you know that the common bond between humans and fruit flies lies with the oxygen that both species breathe?

Okay, so maybe not everyone is as fascinated by the fruit fly as I seem to be. But did you know that RIT’s top-notch bioinformatics students are making real scientific breakthroughs by studying these lingering pests?

  1. Mo
    Jan 29

    Awesome! Finally we got a space in RIT University News

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