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The ultimate wake-up call Events

I swear Student Government wants the RIT administration to hoist up the white flag. But we will never surrender?

But I have to admit I was close to throwing in the towel this morning when the fire alarm went off at 5:20 a.m. And this was an evacuation RIT style: piercing alarm, flashing strobe lights (to awaken the deaf community), and standing outside in 10 degree temperatures for 25 minutes. Along with President Destler, hundreds of students filed out of the 8-story co-ed building and we heard some language that would make any sailor proud.
The falling snow was pretty as Sol Huemann looked like one of those blinking Christmas trees in the darkness.

It was a false alarm in the dorm that just happens to have the most RIT administrators living in it during this “Dorm Challenge.” Oh, nice surprise my Student Government friends. On the bright side, it gave President Destler and myself an early jump on the day. He had to be at Liberty Hill for a community breakfast meeting at 7:15 a.m. anyway.

Besides the lack of ZZZZZs, the dorm challenge has given me a new appreciation for student life. It’s really amazing to see the activity at night on the residential side of campus. It’s like a buzzing city with hundreds of students walking the underground tunnels to events and other activities.

President Destler and our roommate Ozzy attended an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meeting, while I went with the Resident Advisors to a meeting where we learned more about the NTID Student Life Team.

The surprise of the night came when a former intern at University News, Becca Nelson, found us in the dorm. Becca, now an RIT grad student, is friends with my roomie Ozzy. It was good to catch up with Becca, who is traveling soon to Africa, India and RIT Dubai.

It was lights about around 12:30…Sweet dreams…. Only to be jarred by the ultimate wake-up call.

My roomies: Freshman Ozzy Urrutia and President Bill Destler

My roomies: Freshman Ozzy Urrutia and President Bill Destler


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