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Great RIT stories just keep on coming Inside N&E

With spring break hot on our heels, it feels like we’re reaching the ‘home stretch.’ For me, that home stretch is Commencement—an exciting time for students, parents, faculty and staff, and the beginning of a summer slow-down for News & Events. But, we’re not there yet, and it’s great to see that our staff writers continue to dig for those often hard-to-find news and special-interest stories to make our publication fresh and interesting.

Staff writer Susan Gawlowicz recently uncovered a story about a College of Science student who plans to use her bioinformatics knowledge as a fertility specialist. As an aside, the native Hawaiian wears flowers in her hair to spread good cheer. Cute.

Another great story involves a faculty mentoring program geared towards underrepresented, low-income students who are focused on earning post-baccalaureate degrees. The faculty members that were interviewed were genuinely impressed with the caliber of students that RIT produces, and offers their students the invaluable opportunity to collaborate on very real research projects.

One more example from our current issue: We’ve heard that our readers enjoy learning about what occupies our faculty and staff in their “spare” time. In this issue, read about RIT astrophysicist Joel Kastner who “moonlights” as a jazz musician. (I love that headline…)

Happy reading!


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