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Hello from Michelle… Events, PR musings

Hi, my name is Michelle Cometa; I joined the UNS team in October and cover the many adventures in engineering and CAST.

My background before coming University News Services? I’ve spent the past seven years with the ITS team, first as assistant to the CIO, then as communications and PR manager. Prior to that I worked with Online Learning (it was called Distance Learning at the time) and began here at RIT almost 14 years ago as a temp in the Telecommunications Services department before it was merged with ISC.

So, as a long time employee of RIT, I was aware of UNS—having shared information about events and news in previous positions. Now I see things from a slightly different angle. My new co-workers have two speeds: fast and faster! They’re amazing to watch in action, covering news and the many campus events, then turning things around for publication.

So I hit the ground running and am working to keep up with them as well as the rich veins of information rolling into and out of University News Services! In just the few months I’ve been here, I’ve been invited to participate in Army ROTC exercises, seen where the Baja car is being built (but not yet had a chance to actually see IT), participated on my first podcast about women faculty in STEM disciplines, and seen more labs across campus—and the interesting students, faculty and staff working in them. I’m still trying to understand semiconductors, but think with a few more sessions with the folks in MicroE, I’ll be just OK.

So here are just a few of the things on the horizon: look for more information about the FIRST Robotics competition as the robots roll into the Gordon Field House (March 5–7); this will be the 5th year the regional competition has been held at RIT—more teams, more players, more fans! Don’t let anyone tell you that RIT can’t throw a party! Hold the date for the 24th Annual RITz Black Tie event for the School of Hospitality at Oak Hill Country Club on March 28th—come ready to dine and dance! And, don’t miss the unveiling of this year’s Baja team car on April 10th….more news to come—fast and faster!

  1. Paul Stella
    Feb 05

    It's great having you with us, Michelle!

  2. Karen Barrows
    Feb 05

    Good to read about you Michelle!

  3. Fran Versace
    Feb 05

    Congratulations on your new role and all your new adventures!

  4. Robert Chandler
    Feb 05

    Good luck as you continue with your first year in UNS, Michelle! I have no doubt you can keep up with the pace. Have fun along the journey and we'll look forward to reading your articles and updates.

  5. Karin Edinger
    Feb 05

    Your path continues to be eclectic and value-add. UNS has made a great choice and thank you for the great news-worthy writing you are doing for CAST. Best of Life...

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