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Looking back (part 1): A blog and blogger evolution Blogging

Where were you on Dec. 22, 2004?

Though only a little more than four years ago, it’s a lifetime ago for The Tiger Beat Blog.

At 4:41 p.m. on that day, this blog came roaring to life when Joanna Bartlett-Gustina (many remember her as “Silandara”) clicked “publish,” creating the first post. (Though perhaps it would be more accurate to say that “it came purring to life like a tiger cub”—after all, back then there was no News & Events Daily driving readership. Heck, there might not have even been a link to the blog from our Web site in those first days!)

Since that humble beginning, 17 semi-regular posters along with a handful of periodic “guest bloggers” have written and published 467 posts (counting this one), which have generated some 670 reader comments.

I joined the ranks with my first post a little more than three years ago on March 3, 2006. A self-described “blog skeptic” at the time, I admittedly arrived somewhat reluctantly. (What’s that you say? I came “kicking and screaming”? Oh, who can remember such minor details??)

But life sometimes has a funny way of placing us in the most unanticipated of situations. When I was named manager of new media for University News later that same month, I was charged with, among other things, overseeing our Web site, our podcasts and, yes, our blog. Suddenly, this one-time blog skeptic was managing The Tiger Beat Blog.

And then the oddest thing happened. Over time, I grew to enjoy blogging!

But this actually isn’t a total surprise to me. First of all, I love to write. Second, I remember telling my co-workers during a staff meeting in which my new responsibilities were announced that whenever I agree to do something, I never enter into it half-heartedly (just “me being me”).

Another nice part about my job now that I no longer cover a specific college “beat” is that whenever I spot a good story, I can usually just go ahead and write it for News & Events, the Web or, on occasion, RIT: The University Magazine. But, ironically, with all my other current responsibilities, I have precious little time left over for writing. So this blog offers me a perfect writing outlet to occasionally share some stories, along with notes about new podcasts, somewhat less formally.

So, to The Tiger Beat Blog, I love ’ya, man! (sniff)

Next time, in recognition of the evolution both of this blog and of me, I’ll have updates about a few early contributors—as I answer for longtime readers the question of “whatever happened to blog founder Silandara, along with Becca, Pete and Brandon?”

Have a great weekend!

  1. Pete K
    Mar 14

    Ha, yea. I hope all of it still treats you well. I've learned a million things since my time at UNS, so if you guys decide that you need a new & improved back-end for rit.edu/news, I'm up to the task :D

    I'm happy, too, to see my super-orangey tiger-butt design has endured :)

  2. Paul Stella
    Mar 14

    I see the beginnings of a PRism Awards abstract. :)

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