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Proud ‘alum-to-be’ takes a fresh look at RIT Guest blogger

Patricia Beggs, a fourth-year advertising and public relations major in the Department of Communication, spent winter quarter on co-op with University News. Below, she shares some of what she learned about her future alma mater.

The crazy pace that comes with a 10-week quarter does not afford some students very much free time. I think that’s why I was so amazed by the number of events held on campus in the past 10 weeks.

Spending winter quarter on co-op at University News has enabled me to be in touch with the happenings here at RIT—something I have not made an effort to do in the past. Not only are there a ton of events, but also so many news stories coming out of here that I would never have known about if they had not crossed my desk.

RIT is really cool! That has been my assessment after discovering our involvement in the community, the number of alumni who are out there doing great things, the innovations that are spilling out of the many technology programs and so much more.

I have never been anti-RIT; I was just always too busy to pay attention. And like many other students, I only paid attention to those stories and events that were relevant to my major. Now, however, I am ridiculously pro-RIT and have begun to sound quite biased whenever I talk about my school.

I have kicked myself for not attending the Imagine RIT festival last year and committed myself to being there this year. This is something really neat that will hopefully put RIT on the map even more than we already are.

I think it’s exciting that I will graduate (this fall, hopefully) from a university that has so many amazing things to offer the world. And I think it’s really cool that RIT thinks of me as one of those amazing things—well, me and all the other students.

I am proud to one day call myself an RIT alumna.

  1. Kelly
    Mar 16

    Hi Patricia!

    Loved this and just wanted you to know that we're proud that you're proud. Just think though - it doesn't end when you graduate! There are over 100,000 alumni out there and there's a ton of programming to support your continued connection with RIT, post graduation. We're looking forward to you keeping in touch! Kelly Redder, Assistant Vice President for RIT Alumni Relations

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