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‘Hearing’ a smile and the signs of good podcast interviews Podcasts

Dr. Richard Santana, associate professor and chair of English, recently stopped by Studio 86 to discuss his new book, Religion and Popular Culture: Rescripting the Sacred, with Will Dube and me. The book, co-written with Gregory Erickson of New York University, explores expressions of religion and morality in popular culture and their impact on the development of religious themes.santana_cover1

Dr. Santana was a great guest. What makes for a good podcast interview? Beyond the obvious—an interesting topic and knowledgeable guest—passion always shines through.

Recalling a maxim from my radio days: You can “hear” a smile (trust me, it’s true—you really can). While one doesn’t necessarily “hear” or “see” passion, it most certainly can be sensed. In this particular interview, you can truly sense Dr. Santana’s passion for and excitement about the topic, almost “see” his hand gestures while he speaks and, yes, “hear” it when he smiles. Beyond just an interview, it was a lively, engaging, animated and passionate conversation. And that’s what makes for the best interviews.

I hope you enjoy the interview on this very interesting topic. (For additional podcasts and transcripts or episode summaries, visit www.rit.edu/news/podcasts).

Have a great weekend!


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