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Wacky winter weather wreaks havoc on Spring sports schedules Sports

As I awoke yesterday morning, ate breakfast and left my house to head to RIT, I was delayed a bit longer than I wanted to be. Yes, I watched the weather reports on Monday evening and heard the snow pellets hitting my living room windows while pretending to watch the supremely boring North Carolina-Michigan State National Championship game. What I didn’t expect was to be scraping ice off my car. I knew there would be snow, a heavy, wet snow as predicted by our favorite meteorologists all around town and on the Weather Channel. That wasn’t any regular, wet snow I was scraping, it was light, fluffy and downright bitter cold lake effect snow that would normally fall in January and February. So much for April showers. April icicles is more like it.

Right away, I knew the baseball and softball games would be postponed on Wednesday. That was no real surprise. The big decision was whether the men’s lacrosse game against St. John Fisher scheduled for Wednesday would be played on the game field (D-Lot) or turf field (U-Lot). Normally, it would not be a huge deal, but in today’s case it is, since this is one of the three games that will be carried live by Time Warner Cable Sports-26. If the game was to be played on the turf, the broadcast would be scrapped, since there is no power. The decision was finally made this morning with the improving (sort of) conditions to stay on the field. In addition to today’s contest, Saturday’s game against Stevens and the match against perennial rival Nazareth on April 25 will be aired live on TWCS with Gene Battaglia bringing you the action.

Inclement March and April weather in the Rochester area messing up spring sports schedules is nothing new for RIT and every other college in the Northeast. It just so happened that March was very tame weather wise, and all of our sporting events went on without a hitch. That is rare, no doubt about it. It looks like that start of April is making up for March, with a handful of postponements last weekend and now.

The main sports that get affected the most by the crummy weather is baseball and softball. Both lacrosse teams also have the turf field that is used for games, especially in the cold of March. RIT is lucky to have that facility. There are a handful of other colleges in the region with just grass fields that have to play home games an hour away at other colleges or high schools with turf, just to get them in. In addition, tennis can be played indoors at the field house, so that is a plus for us.

There have definitely been a few baseball and softball seasons where each squad would be playing four to five doubleheaders in one week, normally in mid-to-late April, just to get the games in. It is not uncommon for either team to play 25 April games. Think about that. Twenty-five games in 30 days, plus practice, plus class, pluss home work. That’s a very demanding schedule.

Hopefully, after today, the worst of the winter weather is over and our teams play on as scheduled.

Next week, there will be a guest blogger for sports, commenting on an incredible experience overseas. Stay warm.


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