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Why not invite President Obama to the Imagine RIT Festival? Events, News hits

This is the question RIT President Bill Destler has pondered the past few days. After all, the May 2 Innovation and Creativity Festival certainly fits the spirit of President Obama’s call to action to create a new American and global economy.

• Invent new products and services that will drive American innovation in the 21st century: Check, you will find it at the Imagine RIT Festival!
• Create new ideas for green technology: Check, the festival has it!
• Work on solutions to lower the dependency on foreign oil: Check!
• Problem solve with the best young minds in America: Check!
• Make learning fun: Check!

Hey, the invite has some play on local TV… so the invitation must be true. To view a report from Evan Axelbank of WROC-TV, Channel 8, visit our You Tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RITUniversityNews

And here is a copy of Destler’s official invite to President Obama, to be delivered by New York Congressman Eric Massa.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

April 2009

Dear President Obama:

On May 2, the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology will become a hotbed of innovation and creativity. More than 1,400 exhibitors – students, faculty and staff – will proudly display examples of green technology, new ideas for products and services, creative arts and crafts, and groundbreaking research at a very special festival – Imagine RIT.

More than 17,000 visitors attended last year’s inaugural festival. This year, we are shooting for a crowd of 30,000. We know you have a demanding schedule, but this is your invitation to join us on a wonderful day of exploration and discovery.

You have called on the American people, with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to be inspired the same way that President Kennedy’s goal to put a man on the moon did in the 1960s.

We see our festival as a call to national service. Innovation is one of our country’s most competitive and strategic advantages. Young Americans walk to the beat of their own drummer, and their desire to be different is an innate American characteristic. Channeling that passion in constructive ways will foster the United States’ leadership in technical innovation and creative ideas for new products and services.

Furthermore, dozens of the exhibits will be in the field of green technology. For example, we have a green vehicle challenge race with 14 teams ready to compete. The winning vehicle must expend the least amount of energy while carrying a passenger of more than 150 pounds on a 3-mile course. The festival will address green tech in areas such as fuel, lighting, home construction material and more.

RIT is actively moving forward on your challenge. For more on our innovation and creativity festival, please visit www.rit.edu/imagine.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Destler
Rochester Institute of Technology
OK, whose job is it to clear President Obama’s schedule for the RIT visit on May 2?

  1. jesse
    Apr 15

    OK, whose job is it to clear President Obama’s schedule for the RIT visit on May 2?
    -- it's his job, if he wants it. let's go obama! do work!

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