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Behind the scenes at Imagine Events

RIT was THE place to be for the Imagine Festival. I had a great time unearthing some behind-the-scenes gems from exhibits off the beaten path. Here are a special few:

Cars, trucks and bikes—green and very-close-to being green were all over campus. Two off-road vehicles were perched precariously on The Rock, you know the one—sometimes it’s painted, sometimes it’s just grafitti-ed. This time it held trucks driven up on top (really) and admirers were able to check out chassis to engines, tires to interiors. off-road-trucks-imagine

These guys stressed durability; their classmates who designed the 2009 SAE Formula car stressed speed as they officially unveiled the race car on Saturday. Actually, we all heard the Formula car before we saw it, and when we saw it speeding around Simone Circle, we all wanted to drive it!

A very large crowd gathered to take in the spectacle. As soon as the driver stopped, the crowd converged and out came cameras. Team members, like Ed Gliss, a third-year mechanical engineering student, chatted with guests and shared that the team will be dashing off for their first competition May 13-16 in Detroit at Michigan International Speedway. Team members like Kursten O’Neill, a third-year mechanical engineering student, shared the big event with her family, Barbara and Mark O’Neill. Zoom, zoom!formula-car-family-pic-imagine

From muscle cars to real muscles, the weightlifting club set up next to the Field House. Visitors had a bird’s eye view from the bridge over the driveway to watch body builders heft 500-lb. truck tires and 250 barrels. But the action receiving the most gasps was the truck pull. (Very Roman Coliseum, according to one of my co-workers as we watched….)

Moving from real muscles to robotic muscles, if you missed the exhibits in the College of Engineering, you missed some of the most interesting science being done by some pretty amazing students. There was a sea of students plus tables of exhibits on the 3rd floor of KGCOE. Those messages sent out inviting people to senior design project presentations—take advantage of these if you can.

engineering-design-projects-imagine(Cara Portka, John Griffith and Jonathan Klein explain the Left Ventricular Assistive Device Test Loop. Apologies to Julie Coggshall who also was part of the exhibit presentation; she was just behind the poster, out of the photo.)

Returning to the WOW Center, there were more exhibits that truly wow-ed guests, but they found the information about RIT’s colleges in Dubai, Kosovo and Croatia of great interest. The exhibit was a combination of all three colleges, and even shared technologies with the Research @ RIT exhibit next door. Through grid computing technology, RIT Rochester connected to a conference at the college in Croatia. We were able to view the campus, see the students there and have them join us in the Field House for a time. Thanks to Lyndsey McGrath and Gurcharan Khanna, the exhibit had local and international flare!lyndsey-imagine-09

The dominoes of course were a hit—lining up more than 5,000 is a labor of love, patience and skill. Watching them being set up and twist around our offices in University News/University Publications in 86 (in case you did not know the exact location) was amazing. The robotic hot dog assembly was a hit again, but did you know that more than 40 hotdogs per hour were assembled? And that even into the waning hours of the festival, people were still lined up to get their meals?

And still there were so many other gems. Thanks for indulging my amateur photography in this post. Here are some from the real professionals who captured the day: http://www.flickr.com/photos/imaginerit

  1. Alexander Gartl
    May 15

    The video of dominoes falling, called "Dominoes Everywhere", can be viewed on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/4313226

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