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Domino theory Alumni, News hits

Have you seen “Dominoes Everywhere?” More than 100,000 have so far watched University Publications’ mesmerizing falling domino video on YouTube.com and Vimeo.com. Created as UPubs’ Imagine RIT project, the dominoes continue to pick up momentum on their trip through cyberspace—a tremendously successful experiment in viral media.

Web developer Jared Lyon ’01 (information technology) headed up the “Dominoes Everywhere” project, with assistance from Web developer Mark Marcello ’04, ’06 (information technology) and assistant Web developer Alexander Gartley ’07 (new media publishing).

“A few extremely popular international design creativity sites posted it, plus musician/record producer Mark Hoppus of the hit pop punk band Blink-182 posted it to his blog, and that’s what’s been driving all the new views from around the entire world,” Lyon says. “People see it posted on those sites, and like it so much that they post it to their own blog sites as well. A quick Google search found blogs in France, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, and Poland all linking to the video on Vimeo.”

(Vimeo is a video site, like YouTube, but for film/video professionals. People can only post videos that they personally create.)

Among the comments from blogs around the world, here’s an example posted by Jorge do Carmo at UpdateOrDie.com in BRAZIL (translated from Brazilian Portuguese):

“To promote Imagine RIT (Do Carmo included a link to the Web site), a festival at Rochester Institute of Technology, and guy named Jared Lyon with the help of two co-workers created a very cool video. Titled ‘Dominoes Everywhere,’ the video shows the very smart and creative things that can be done with dominoes. Unlike the majority of videos where the dominoes just ‘work,’ here they interact with the environment. If you are scheduled to travel to the USA during the date of the festival, click here (link to exhibits on Imagine RIT Web site) to see the complete program of exhibits.”

Closer to home, the University Publications exhibit also caught the attention of a Democrat and Chronicle reporter. Although his story on the festival was remarkable in its brevity, he did manage to squeeze in a mention of “Dominoes Everywhere.”

You can find a link to that story on the Alumni News page.

And DO NOT MISS “Dominoes Everywhere.”

  1. Bob Finnerty
    May 15

    This is viral marketing at its best!!!

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