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Grad shares story of ‘Stock Shock’ Alumni

Where do stories come from?

If you have to ask, you probably aren’t cut out to be a reporter.

Good stories are easy to find. All you have to do is listen. Personally, I believe that everybody has a story to tell.

So, going back to the original question, I’ve learned that stories tend to come bubbling forth like an artesian well, directly from the source.

Latest case in point for me appears at the top of the Alumni Stories list on our Alumni News page right now. Anthony Napoli ’01 (criminal justice) contacted me recently with the tale of how he became a movie star.

Napoli was one of millions of people who bought stock in Sirius XM, a hugely promising satellite communications company. Unfortunately—and unbeknownst to ordinary investors—the company became the target of unscrupulous market traders who used a practice known as “naked short selling” to make profits by manipulating stocks they never actually owned.

In a period of a few months, Sirius XM stock plummeted from a high of $9 to 5 cents per share. This caught the attention of Sandra Mohr, a Los Angeles movie producer. Through various connections, Mohr learned of Napoli and asked if he would appear in her feature-length documentary, Stock Shock, released in June.

You can read more about Napoli and his experience on the Alumni News page. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it looks to be pretty fascinating, based on the clips and promos I’ve seen on the Web.

Well, sure, greed, corruption and scandal are pretty irresistible. I expect that we’ll all be hearing more about Sirius and Stock Shock in weeks and months to come.

I’m very glad Anthony contacted me with this. In fact, I’m always glad to hear from alumni. Because space in The University Magazine is limited, not all stories will find a home there. Some can go quickly to our Web page. In other cases, it might take some time before the story comes out. I’m very sorry to say that we can’t use every story, as much as I’d like to.

So tell me a story. I’d love to hear from you.


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