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Orange, brown and PINK Campus life

Rochester Institute of Technology guys may have something other than biology homework to look forward to when school starts in the fall: girls walking the Quarter Mile clad in Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

The world famous women’s clothing, lingerie and beauty products retailer has sponsored a competition to promote its new line of lounge wear called “PINK”—and RIT is leading the way. Students at colleges and universities across the country are encouraged to give their school a “shout out” on the contest’s  microsite. Victoria’s Secret will produce a special line of “PINK” clothing, featuring T-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants, for the 25 schools with the most votes.

RIT ranked somewhere below 200 on June 26 when incoming students launched a thread on the RIT Accepted Students Facebook Group’s discussion board that encouraged their peers to vote. From there, RIT spirit—and undoubtedly a dash of RIT student ingenuity—took over.

“I got involved because I support RIT and I thought it would show the other schools not to mess with Tigers,” says incoming freshman Rachel Rosenbaum. “Once we started making progress and everyone found that we were doing this as a group, we enjoyed voting because it has been exciting.”

RIT now ranks first in the country with more than 72,000 votes. The United States Marine Corps University is a close second, with the University of Tampa, Carnegie Mellon University, Washington University in St. Louis, Cornell University and others lagging thousands of votes behind.

Rosenbaum says that with a little encouragement, RIT guys have stepped up to help the cause.

“Some of the boys took a little motivating and a few girls explained that this Victoria’s Secret contest was important to the female population in America and that just even making it within the top 24 schools would be a huge advertisement as far as showing that girls do exist at RIT and hopefully influencing girls to apply to RIT.”

Don’t let our newest Tigers down. Rally behind the incoming first-year class and keep RIT in the top spot.

Think PINK. Go vote.

  1. John
    Jul 23

    Haven't found official rules from Victoria's Secret, some out there are saying that finishing in the top 25 doesn't guarantee RIT a clothing line—but gives us a good chance. We'll see what happens.

  2. Zach
    Jul 23

    It's a battle! http://ritvspink2.appspot.com/graphvsmarines

  3. Kari Hazzard
    Jul 24

    RIT versus the Marine Corps. Sounds kind of epic.

  4. bridget
    Jul 29

    Word! just voted! holla!!

  5. Joelle
    Jul 29

    i wonder how VS will pick winners due to the voting issues most of the top 25 have created? haha

  6. RITchie
    Jul 29

    Go CSH!

  7. Stephanie Nogue
    Jul 29

    already vote!

  8. Donna Rubin
    Aug 05

    Why would we want to demean our women students to sell Victoria's Secret's products? There are far better ways to showcase RIT and our women students than by having them parade across the quartermile in loungewear- it's insulting! Resist!!

  9. Clockfort
    Aug 05

    Donna: I think "Pink" is a general clothing line for Victoria's Secret, with pants and such as well as underwear products.

  10. SCU
    Aug 29

    Santa Cruz will over come without challenge

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