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We kept busy while you were gone PR musings

Quarter MileYou know, I can’t get over the nerve of some of you people! I mean taking the entire summer to be away from campus while the rest of us were here—dodging the noise and dust coming from the latest round of construction. It doesn’t seem fair, but I guess I’m willing to let it slide. I’m not one to hold a grudge, and I’m really glad you’re back.

In all seriousness, it has been a busy summer for my colleagues and me here at University News. Following a staff retreat in May, we put in place an ambitious agenda to enhance our reporting of RIT-related news and issues for the new school year and beyond. Much of that effort is already bearing fruit, so I’d like to take this opportunity to help make you aware.

First of all, I hope many of you have already been introduced to our new print publication. Called Athenaeum, this sleek new information resource is scheduled for distribution every other month (six times a year) highlighting initiatives and issues of broad impact to our campus community. Particular emphasis on photographic and artist support will accompany the same high-quality reporting you’ve come to expect from us. Look for Athenaeum to arrive with your campus mail, or just pick up a copy at one of the bright orange dispensers located across campus.

So what about News & Events? Well, News & Events now lives exclusively online. You may recall that we introduced N&E Daily as an e-newsletter last year. It’s allowed us to increase the volume of reporting we provide and greatly enhance its immediacy. Visit the following link for more information on subscribing to N&E Daily.

And, of course, there’s social media. Have you signed up for a Twitter account yet? If not, you really should. My colleagues and I are learning that—in addition to keeping tabs on friends and your favorite celebrities—it’s a great way to set up your own personalized news feed. Follow “RIT News” on Twitter, and we’ll keep you posted on the latest breaking news on campus.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to become a fan of RIT News on Facebook. And we hope you’ll subscribe to the University News YouTube channel. That’s where we post all the latest TV news clips related to RIT along with our internal video productions, like the 2009 Imagine RIT highlight reel. Links to all this, and more, are available on the RIT University News Web site. Go check it out!

See, I told you we were busy. Just try not to stay away so long next time.

  1. Bob Finnerty
    Sep 08

    So maybe the cold, wet summer helped our productivity? Kudos to the UNS team for stepping it up this summer.

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