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News and marketing needs are the same around the world. The language may be different but the need to scope out news and promote people, programs and events, as well as to find the best ways to use social media really, is not that much different if you are in Rochester, N.Y., or Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We learned that was very true while spending the morning with our peers from the American College of Management and Technology recently. Zoran Obradovic, Ana Jarak and Lana Buzuk, all part of ACMT in Dubrovnik, spent a whirlwind few days at RIT for both business and pleasure.

During their visit to University News and University Publications, we all were able to compare notes about how we get information to our respective campuses and communities. Even though all courses taught at ACMT are in English, recruiting information developed for the ACMT Web site, in pamphlets and marketing materials, has to be translated in several languages, specifically Croatian and English. The college boasts an international flavor with students, faculty and staff from nearby countries like Germany, Bosnia and Montenegro, as well as farther away like Sweden, Australia and the United States.

Each of the staff members has multiple responsibilities—from recruiting students, managing the enrollment process and promoting the college locally and internationally. Lana and Ana are responsible for marketing and enrollment, with Lana emphasizing international student enrollments. Zoran is the college’s communication and human resource manager.

Some observations about the RIT campus community from Zoran:
We were overwhelmed with the campus size and facilities available for student activities. We were impressed by the well-organized way of having things done throughout departments. But, we all missed Croatian style cafes—table service, real china cups etc. available everywhere—if the campus of this size was in Dubrovnik, it would have at least 50 coffee shops!DSC00072A

Check out the ACMT Web site for news, information and clips of campus events. Then become ‘fans’ on their Facebook site. We’re working our way up to 50 coffee shops, Zoran…next visit!

Enjoying the morning together talking communications were (left to right) Zoran Obradovic (ACMT), Ana Jarak (ACMT), Jarod Lyon (University Publications), Laura Cummings (University Publications) and Lana Buzuk (ACMT).

  1. Maureen Valenti
    Oct 27

    great story Michelle! The staff at ACMT are tremendous and it is nice to have their visit captured. Thanks!

  2. Paul Stella
    Oct 27

    We all enjoyed visiting with our new Croatian friends. It also served as a nice reminder of RIT’s expanding international footprint.

  3. Ana Jarak
    Oct 28

    Thank you all for welcoming us. It was a great trip and we hope to be back soon.
    In the meantime, it’s your turn to travel. Croatia awaits.

  4. Michelle Cometa
    Oct 28

    We are all soooo ready to travel and see your beautiful city Ana!

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