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Along the Eastern seaboard from our nation’s capital to Rochester to Boston, RIT’s Big Shot photography project has gained considerable media attention.

It was such a great feeling to wake up Saturday morning in Washington, D.C., just hours before RIT’s 25th Big Shot at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, to see this longtime photography project featured on the front page of the Style Page of the Washington Post! It was all the talk that morning at breakfast among the RIT faculty and staff.

My public relations cohorts at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and I had been back and forth on e-mail and working the phones with the newspaper’s photo department and the Post reporter all week. We didn’t know when the story was going to run, but we had a feeling it was going to be great….Indeed it was!

The Post story, in addition to the Sept. 25 story in the The Chronicle of Higher Education, called on the public to come out with flashlights and electronic flash units in hand. Despite the dreary, rainy conditions, more than 800 volunteers converged outside the museum. The crowd included RIT students, faculty, staff, alumni, museum members and families from the all around the D.C. area. Below is a great crowd shot taken by RIT photography student Rigoberto Perdomo.

Big Shot photographers took a total of four photos. The final one was the keeper. The exposure time was 20 seconds at f16. The photograph is just stunning with the Washington Monument in the background. Look at the color of the sky!

WUSA-TV (Channel 9), the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., produced a nice story for its 11 p.m. newscast.

Ruth McCann, the reporter who did the initial Post story, ran a follow-up story in the Sept. 29 issue of the Washington Post.

The museum image and the 2003 Big Shot in Stockholm, Sweden, are featured in a Boston Globe blog post. Abby Callard, a writer for Smithsonian Magazine, blogged about her experience as a light painter on Saturday night!

With the 25th Big Shot now complete, RIT’s Open Publishing Lab and Big Shot photographers/organizers Michael Peres, Dawn Tower DuBois and Bill DuBois are publishing a coffee table book that will feature all 25 Big Shot photographs. It should be pretty spectacular. Of course everyone has their own personal favorite Big Shot photograph. The book will be available for purchase in early November. Check for updates at www.rit.edu/bigshot.

New Web Photo-Perdomo

More than 800 volunteers gathered to help light this year's Big Shot.

  1. Bob Finnerty
    Oct 02

    Congrats for all the coverage! And all the good will it brought to the RIT family.

  2. Ellen
    Oct 02

    Kelly, how is the decision made where and of what the Big Shot will be taken?

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