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Athenaeum #3: Innovation, global awareness and ‘green’ beer Inside N&E

It’s hard to believe that we’ve published our third issue of Athenaeum. A few short months ago, our team gathered in our conference room to discuss this new venture, and today, I’m amazed at the level of commitment and dedication that goes into creating this potentially award-winning news magazine.

Today, look for those empty newsstands to be filled with our latest edition. Our cover story takes a glimpse inside the world of the amazing men and women of RIT’s Computer Science House whose fantastic inventions—created in addition to carrying full academic course loads—are truly mind-boggling. Who are these students and what makes them tick?

We also examine the research of two RIT professors who are using their compassion and expertise to make a difference in the world outside of RIT. Bill Middleton, professor and chair of the Department of Material Culture Sciences, is using spectral imaging technology to unlock the secrets of an ancient Mexican empire. And Tony Vodacek, imaging science associate professor, is coordinating a conference in Rwanda to study the potential dangers lurking beneath Lake Kivu that will undoubtedly affect the livelihood of the region’s inhabitants.

And, I absolutely love this story—it’s about “green” beer. Sounds refreshing, huh? Although I’m not a beer drinker myself, I think it’s fascinating that a group of RIT packaging science students are developing sustainable beer-bottling alternatives to make recycling processes more cost effective while creating optimal conditions making bottled beer just as flavorful as beer in a glass bottle. Pretty cool.

As you read this, we’ve already started preparations to make Athenaeum’s March/April issue just as dynamic as the last three. As always, we welcome your thoughts and story suggestions: athena@rit.edu. Happy Holidays!


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