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I never thought I’d be back in school. Well, I guess I’m not really in school—I’m at school. I started working for RIT’s University News team in October. I came from the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester’s major metro newspaper, where I had worked as a copy editor since graduating from St. John Fisher College in 2007.

And now I’m back at school. And I love it. And I’m so grateful to be here, too. I had, and have, a lot of transitioning to do in both my personal and professional life. Public relations is very different, and strangely similar, to the news world. My former colleagues will joke that I’m a “traitor,” but they’re the ones who had to work on Christmas (the paper comes out every day, folks) while I spent the day in my pajamas.

So I invite you to tune in as I reflect on exactly what goes on in Brown Hall, aka Building 86, and how I’m adjusting to my new world at RIT.

  1. Vienna Carvalho
    Jan 17

    I agree, Marie. We are very fortunate to be where we are. Although there are times when I am frustrated — who isn't at some point — I always try to remember those folks who work on Thanksgiving and Christmas — and on weekends, too! I consider myself lucky to have worked at such a great place for almost 14 years. There's the great vacation time, but also additional perks like tuition discounts, on-site child care, a workout facility (free of charge) and so many other things that are often forgotten.

    Sometimes it takes a new employee to remind us of how lucky we are to even have a job!

  2. Ellen Shady
    Jan 17

    Welcome aboard, Marie. Brown Hall rules!

  3. Bob Finnerty
    Jan 17


    Just tell your journalism/newspaper friends you are in the storytelling business, same as they are :-)

  4. Joanna Bartlett
    Jan 17

    Most of the folks at University News "went to the other side" when joining the team. :) You're joining a good group of folks, Marie. (I was there for 5 years.)

  5. Marie Lang
    Jan 17

    @Vienna - The perks sure are great, but I'm sure I'll think of something to complain about :)
    @Ellen - Thanks!
    @Bob - I know they're just jealous :)
    @Joanna - We do have a strong news background here, don't we? And that's one of the things that gives us a great advantage. I still miss my friends at the paper, but you're right — this is a great group of people to work with!

  6. Paul Stella
    Jan 20

    If you're able to figure out what's going on in Brown Hall, Marie, would you let me know? :)

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