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The RIT Challenge, 2011 style Campus life

My oldest son returned to dorm life this week at ‘Cuse. A freshman, he was excited to get back to his new friends and take on spring semester. But won’t he miss home cookin’?

“Dad, we’ve got like 30 cereals to pick from, omelets every day, and 100 cable channels with sports,” he reminded me. Good to hear we’re getting our money’s worth on room and board.

I have his same positive attitude as we enter this week’s Real RIT Challenge.

I am a veteran of the Challenge, spending time in the RIT dorms in 2009 (http://www.rit.edu/news/tigerbeat/?p=897). So I am ready to take on the 2011 version. Of course, there is a new twist. Instead of the dorms, we will be placed in apartments and have to rely on the RIT transportation system. Those shelters better be wind proof.

I have already joked with SG President Greg Pollock that this may make my life easier, especially if we get a little snow. You see, I will get to skip the daily morning commute made by faculty and staff. Has Greg ever spent 2 hours stuck in traffic on Route 390 behind a snowplow?

All joking aside, it is great to see SG making this a tradition and educating the RIT administration about the student experience outside the classroom. I am excited to meet new students and walk in their shoes (through the snow), albeit just a few days.

I’ll pack some outdoor gear to be on the safe side.

My son texted me his only advice: “Just let your laundry pile up.”

  1. David Page
    Jan 19

    You GO guy! Students are what a University should be about. It sure was back in the old downtown days. The reputation continues... Good on Ya.


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