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Under the Hood: RIT is awesome Campus life, Under the Hood

I didn’t realize how big this place is until I came the Saturday before my interview when I scoped out where I had to go. From Jefferson Road — pretty much my only exposure to the school from years of growing up in Chili and venturing to The Marketplace mall — nothing changes. But once I got on campus: wow. It’s gorgeous here! The beautiful walkways and landscaping and artwork tucked here and there. The buildings still make little sense to me, especially now that they have names, acronyms and numbers, but I’ll get used to that.

Some of my favorite things so far: Ctrl Alt Deli. Chocolate chip cookies from Crossroads. The traffic circles. The infinity statue. The indoor fountain. The color science building. The craft sales. The week off after Christmas.

Some of my least favorite things: Trouble finding a parking spot when I come back to work from an errand. Long commute from my home in Webster. Too many dining choices. The quarter system. The hand dryer in Brown Hall’s ladies room.

If winter ever ends, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of campus. Any suggestions for can’t-miss features?

  1. Elizabeth
    Jan 24

    Global Village is beautiful and in the Spring it will be a great place to hang out. The Wallace Center! and Java Wally, best coffee in Rochester.

  2. Scott
    Jan 24

    Can't miss the tennis courts once that snow melts.

  3. Dan
    Jan 24

    The student life center and field house are amazing!

  4. Marie Lang
    Jan 25

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    @Elizabeth - I have been to Global Village, the Wallace Center and Java Wally's on a brief tour when I first got here in the fall, but I'll definitely go back and spend some quality time at those places — Java Wally's especially!

    @Scott - I don't play tennis, at least not very well :)

    @Dan - I might've walked by the SLC but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the field house, great suggestions, thanks!

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