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News placements, which I’ll call “clips” for short, are stories in the newspaper, on TV, on the radio and on the Web in main- and not-so-mainstream media that somehow mention RIT. We use the same online service that sends out our news releases to keep track of incoming news clips. Using some fancy algorithm, the service finds anything anywhere that mentions RIT or NTID. It’s part of my job to categorize the clips so we can keep track of where RIT is showing up, what schools are featured and in what capacity.

Some days there are 12 clips, some days there are 212. The usual suspects include the Democrat and Chronicle, the Henrietta Post, local TV stations such as WHEC (channel 10), and sports outlets such as USCHO.com. But every once in a while, RIT is mentioned in prominent places. In recent months, stories have cropped up on or in the Boston Globe, CNN, Discovery Channel, ESPN, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, NHL.com, Popular Science and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

RIT gets international exposure, too. There have been stories written in or translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, German, Polish and Czech since last November.

You can see the newest clips in the “RIT In the News” section of N&E Daily and University News homepage, and a comprehensive archive of news clips on the RIT In the News page.

On a final note: Since next week is break week, I’ll be taking a break too! “Under the Hood” will resume March 7. Thanks for reading, and feel free to suggest topics or pose questions for future posts.

  1. William Dube
    Feb 21

    It always amazes me how quickly news can spread. For example, a press release sent out late last week on RIT’s research on the alternative energy and water treatment uses for algae has already been picked up by well over 100 publications around the world!

  2. Ellen Shady
    Feb 21

    It's great to see our name out there in the bigger world! As RIT's reputation continues to grow, we'll be seeing it mentioned more and more across the globe.

  3. Marie Lang
    Feb 21

    I love seeing the international hits, especially when I have to use Google translator to figure out what the heck the story is about! And it's funny how some stories that seem like they'll just be in select industry magazines end up EVERYWHERE, like the optical lift story. Interesting stuff!

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