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As you know from my earlier posts, one of my duties at University News includes proofreading and sending out news releases. And as you know, our writers have specific beats. Will Dube covers the College of Liberal Arts. Vienna Carvalho covers student affairs. And that stuff is great because I know what liberal arts and student affairs are all about.

Susan Gawlowicz covers the College of Science. And my experiences with science pretty much ended with high school chemistry. (Most of which I’ve forgotten; sorry Mr. Oienk.) So proofreading her releases is often very challenging for me — a nice way of saying that I don’t understand them. At all. But it’s exciting to read about the research being conducted here, about black holes and hyperspectral camera systems and researchers finding things and doing things here that no other researcher has done before. I’m proud to know I work for an organization that’s doing these groundbreaking things, even if I don’t understand it.


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