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In most of my posts so far, I’ve talked about what I do and how I’m adjusting. I briefly mentioned a couple of writers in a previous post, so I thought it would be helpful to introduce some of the other faces behind University News. Let’s start at the top:

Bob Finnerty is our chief communications officer. He covers global university issues, including the president’s office, and is responsible for university-wide external and internal communication. Paul Stella is the director and also maintains the RIT News YouTube channel and covers global university issues. Next we have associate directors Mike Saffran and Kelly Downs. Mike is my supervisor. As manager of new media, Mike produces our podcasts; administers the RIT News Twitter account; and oversees the University News website, The Tiger Beat Blog and News & Events Daily. And he’s the one that picks the clips for “RIT In the News.” Kelly covers the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences as well as Graduate Studies. She also works on video productions for University News. These folks give the final OK on news releases before they are sent to me for distribution.

University News does more than news releases. Mindy Mozer is in charge of RIT: The University Magazine, our publication for alumni. It’s published three times a year, and the next issue comes out later this month. Vienna Carvalho-McGrain is the editor of the Athenaeum newsletter, which comes out six times a year and is on newsstands now.

Of course, we can’t have news releases, magazines and newsletters without writers. Next week, I’ll introduce you to our wonderful wordsmiths.


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